The current hourly rates are:

  • Machining $50/hour
  • CAD/CAM $65/hour Inspection $30/hour
  • R&D $90/hour

Comments on pricing:

  • We follow market pricing trends
  • Bar-scanning ensures cost-effective techniques

Tooling, non-recurring set-up/engineering charge:

  • Charged only when necessary
  • Tooling can be either consumable or fixturing
  • Property of Ferro-Ceramic if consumable
  • Property of customer (to be kept at FCG) if it is fixturing
  • Consumable is defined as tooling which can be broken or worn out over time (i.e. Drills and wheels).
Note: Verbal quotes will not be binding without looking at a print. Pricing will be verified only after a print has been faxed/mailed over.